A Handwritten Apology

My oldest sister is a poet. She’s seeing a sweet, sweet man. A songwriter. He treats her well and makes her laugh. Makes her feel beautiful, again. Although she’s always been gorgeous. But she’s assured me they’re nothing serious. They just happen to be on the same wave length, that’s all. They’re both artists, just-past their prime, they have children […]

Thrill Seekers. Thrill Finders.

I never realized how adventurous I truly am until I thought about the meaning of the word. I’ve always liked to try new things, go new places and befriend people that many overlook. Being a SAHM has its own challenges, so sometimes I have to go find a new adventure, and by find I actually […]

The Emotional Stages of Writing A Novel

This is a pretty authentic depiction of the emotional journey. However, I feel the title that would better suite this video is The Roller coaster-Ride-of-Terror-and-Elation. You see friends, it is both a sorrow and joy to write these magnificent things called books. With that being said, the video plainly speaks for itself. That’s my thought […]

‘Tis A New Day

Who is this Allie Owens Crockett?  I’m so glad you asked. It’s me, that’s who, and I’m at it again. I have long abandoned my former blog about nutrition, motherhood and everything green and crunchy. Even still, starting this blog has less to do with me giving up on a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle, […]