The Newest Brew

– Welcoming Jubilee –

(Book #2: from Home Sweet Blakley)

He had hugged her as if he was genuinely happy to see her. As if nothing had ever happened between them. As if he didn’t remember what she had done to him. The house was different. She was shocked to see he had carried out the house’s main cosmetic flaws she’d whined about when she had lived there. When they we’re still married.

But he was a different man. He seemed content. His demeanor was for once peaceful, as was the atmosphere in the home. Could this be the reason he had responded peaceably to her on his door step?

If her memory served correct, he could never forget how she had hurt him, much less forgive her. She had a hard enough time forgiving herself. But something told her that her debt had been canceled. Something told her, he really had. Ten years had gone by since last she saw him, and she was grateful to learn that her transgressions had made it somewhere down stream. Unfortunately, by then she had acquired a brand new sin. A teenage daughter he had never known.


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