And Nothing More


((photo origin))

Alas, he’s got a fence around his heart
Overgrown with ivy
The gate is locked and rusted shut

He wants what he wants
He doesn’t know what he wants
And maybe my wants will change
He told me once, himself

I don’t understand
To storm his castle walls
And disregard all his boundaries
Someone who won’t think twice
About taking him over?

But I’ll tell you what he’s asking for
To be left in rustic ruin
The Poet’s plight
A tragic romance

I don’t think I have it in me
I’d want to win the key
But I won’t grovel for it

And now the fog has cleared
As I peer into reality
What he means to me

I beg your pardon
But, I’d take my time
To love him carefully
Like a generous thief
Giving as I take
Mending as I break
To blanket and water his soul

Maybe he doesn’t really know

But I have a sense
He wants to lay on the altar
He wants to give himself over
He wants to be conquered
And I only wish to be
What and when
He wants

But nevermind my childish fantasies
For they are far too noble
What will be
Will be
And nothing more


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